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One of the tough things that happens in our business is when the area gets extended, torrential rain. Creeks and ponds fill up quickly, and can cause serious issues. Making this more serious, those same rains hit the mountains, with that water flowing downhill/downstream to the Piedmont.

Hurricane Florence in 2018 showed us how much water Mother Nature can bring us in a weekend. Michael two months later brought even more. As my previous blog mentioned, after events like yesterday’s enormous “rave-up” of violent, thunderstorms and tornadoes, plus 3-6 inches of rain (depending where you live), it is important that you take stock of your property’s strengths and weaknesses.

What we saw in 2018 was the 18” of rain from Florence weakened trees, and Michael took many more of those down a month later. After so much rain and wind, it is vital to assess your property now for signs of Water Damage. Here are some key areas to look for:

  1. Attic. Look through your attic for signs of water damage (stains, the seams of the floor, and any wet insulation). If you find wet spots or damage, go to the area directly below. Also check windows and fans for any signs of failure.
  2. Living areas. Check window and door frames. You may need to replace the caulk. Check areas around the windows for any damage. Wet, smelly carpet, etc. Mold is very dangerous, and insurance policies limit coverage in most cases.
  3. Crawl space. A water barrier is key to keeping your crawl space dry. About six months before Florence, I added gravel and additional tarps to my crawl space. I am so glad I did. Many houses on my street had theirs flood with a foot of water. Mine luckily stayed bone dry.
  4. Outside. Know how flooding rainwater flows around your house. Water that flows under decks can get in your house, especially if it’s built on a slab. If you have issues, contact a landscaper. French Drains are good ways to capture and redirect water flow away from your house.
  5. Trees. Give your trees some attention to determine if you have issues, and if you have some dead ones, remove them.

Water can do a lot of damage to your home, even and especially after you see the water “event”. Take the time to assess and evaluate. I highly recommend Todd at Bigg Time Carpet Cleaners for carpet and floor needs.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly. If you live in a flood zone, you already likely have flood insurance. If you are close……..get a quote. Flood Insurance bought today takes effect no sooner than 30 days from now. It’s tough having to tell customers that the storm hitting tomorrow won’t be covered even if they buy a flood policy today. Those are issued by the government, and that is their rule.

Your home protects you daily from the elements. Assessing your property today can help prevent or minimize issues in the future.